Dear Friends,

Tra-la-la! Quack! Quack! Katy Duck loves to dance. She loves to pretend she's a leaf twirling in the wind. She loves to imagine herself gliding like a swan. Katy dreams of dancing under bright lights and wearing beautiful sparkly costumes! But what happens when Katy gets a chance to dance in the big show? Tra-la-la! Gulp! Gulp! Katy Duck feels a bit shy. Can Katy's dream of dancing on the great stage really come true?


As a dancer myself, I remember how much fun it was to imagine all the things I could be. I loved to pretend. I loved to make believe. And I do remember what it felt like to dance on a big stage. It was very exciting! But just like Katy, every so often I felt a bit unsure of myself, and a bit shy. Just like Katy, I had to think about how much I loved to dance. I had to remember my dreams, too. that gave me the confidence to go out and do my very best....just like Katy!


Sometimes when we try something new, whether it's a new dance step, or dancing on a big stage, making friends at school, or even learning to read, we may feel a bit unsure at first. Katy reminds us that although it may take some time, and it may take a lot of practice, if we believe we can do something... we can! And as Katy learns, it feels great to be proud of our accomplishments... even if we weren't quite sure we could do it in the first place.


So no matter what your new adventure may be, let your arms flutter; let your feet pitter-patter. Let your imagination soar, as you reach for the stars and your dreams, with Katy Duck. Tra-la-la! Quack! Quack! How we love to dance!


Very best,



I always loved to imagine.

I always loved to dance!

Check out this picture of me trying something new! i met a real Katy Duck at a school I visited. Uh-oh! I had never held a big duck before! What would Katy do? I wondered. I took a deep breath and said, "Tra-la-la..." and the duck answered back, "Quack! Quack!" And that made all of us laugh. Whew! I'm glad I tried. It really is fun to hold a duck!

Photos © Alyssa Satin Capucilli