Dear Friends,


When I was a little girl just learning to read, story time was a joint activity with my younger brother before our bedtimes. It was wonderful to experience the same books together, getting the chance to discuss them with each other and asking our parents questions as we read. We were especially captivated by books about the coolest, biggest animals, like whales, sharks, and, of course, dinosaurs.


I came up with the idea of Dino School while thinking about a place my brother and I would have loved to visit when we were starting out in school. And then I thought about the dinosaurs that would attend this school. If they acted just like regular boys and girls, then they wouldn’t just be learning their ABCs and 123s at Dino School, they’d also be learning important social and emotional lessons.


And because they’re dinosaurs, the lessons portrayed in Dino School would be larger than life. After all, Teddy doesn’t just need to learn to use his inside voice; he needs to learn to use his inside roar! My hope is that exaggerations such as this will help illustrate these lessons for children, making them easy to remember and a ton of fun to learn. After all, who doesn’t love letting out a great, big outside roar every once in while?


I look forward to writing new adventures for the students of Dino School and seeing what lessons they’ll learn in future books. I hope you will too.


Happy reading,