Dear Reader,


“Spring has come

to Bugland.

The Bugs all shout

and cheer.


Hippity hip hooray!”


It’s Springtime in Bugland!


The Sunshine Bug is shining and the Spelling Bees are buzzing as all of the Bugs characters prepare to celebrate spring’s arrival. Busy Bug is especially excited—he loves spring most of all. But he won’t be ready to go to the party until he finds his friend Bitsy Bee, and he can’t find her anywhere.


You’ve probably met the Bugs before in one of my pop-up books, so you know these funny little bugs love to explore and learn new things. That’s why they’re so excited about becoming Ready-to-Read stars! They’ve practiced Counting, they’ve learned their Colors, and they know what is Up & Down. Now they can’t wait to begin reading.


I hope you join Busy Bug and Bitsy Bee and all of their friends as they enter the world of reading. There are so many wonderful stories to discover in books, and they can’t wait to share them with you.


Happy Reading! Who knows what might pop out at you?


David A. Carter

Photo © David A. Carter