Dear Friends,


I was born in Syracuse, NY, but when I was six years old, our family moved to Germany, where my parents were from.


I didn't have many books as a child, and I definitely don't remember anyone reading to me. For some time, I almost felt bad about that. Then it finally dawned on me: I grew up amongst a large extended family in a four-family house. We sat together, and my aunts and uncles and parents and grandparents talked and argued about various topics, the whole time telling stories. At some point I realized this is where my ability as a storyteller came from!


It is fun and exciting to listen to stories, real and imagined, told by parents, grandparents, and friends. And it is very exciting to begin to look at books and read stories on your own. It is a lovely feeling to hold a book in your hands and turn the pages.


I hope the Ready-to-Read edition of my book, Have You Seen My Cat? will be enjoyable to read together or on your own. I especially love cats, and my wife, Bobbie and I have had a number of cats over the years whom we have loved.


I have worked with a few authors on book projects, including Richard Buckley, who has been a friend and colleague for a long time. I have admired his poetic stories, and it is a pleasure to have one of the results of our shared work, The Greedy Python, come out as a Ready-to-Read edition.


Some people say my books are for the "not-yet or about-to-be" reader. I hope the Ready-to-Read editions of my books will give you comfort and be entertaining and fun–and provide a little learning, too.


Thank you for reading my books.


Eric Carle