Dear Reader,


Let’s talk about hot chocolate for a moment. Did you know that the Olmecs of Central America were the first to make hot chocolate from cacao beans some 3,500 years ago? Or that soldiers in the Revolutionary War received hot chocolate as part of their rations? The Sweet Story of Hot Chocolate serves up cool facts like these, and it’s just one of four titles in a series we’re launching this year called the History of Fun Stuff. Look for The Deep Dish on Pizza!, The Scoop on Ice Cream!, and The Tricks and Treats of Halloween! to learn all about the history of…you guessed it…pizza, ice cream, and Halloween. By the time you’re done reading one of our History of Fun Stuff books, you’ll be an expert on the subject…and you don’t have to take our word for it—just take the quiz at the end of the book to prove it!


We developed this series because we believe that learning can be fun. And what’s more fun than learning about the subjects you love?


In addition to the awesome historical facts, the back of each book has a section that extends the learning into other areas like science, geography, and math. (So you can learn all about the science behind your sense of smell to figure out, once and for all, why the first thing you notice when you walk into a pizza parlor is the delicious aroma!)


All of the content in these books has been carefully vetted by Common Core experts. That stamp of approval, combined with the fact that the text has been crafted in adherence with reading guidelines, means you can feel good about indulging in the History of Fun Stuff. Maybe not as good as you feel after indulging in some delicious ice cream or pizza, but still pretty good!


Happy reading,