Dear Friends,


Pandora’s Box and Cyclops are two of my favorite myths. Pandora is told not to open a box, but is so curious she can’t help herself. Oops! She unleashes troubles on the world. And Cyclops tries to stop Odysseus and his crew from sailing home after the Trojan War—by gobbling them one by one! But Odysseus comes up with a tricky plan to escape. Baaa!


That’s what I enjoy about myths. They’re about timeless themes we can all relate to. Who hasn’t made a mistake like Pandora, or longed to go on an adventure like Odysseus?


I wrote these stories ten years ago and they stayed on my computer. Since mythology has enjoyed a recent surge in popularity, and is being taught in earlier grades at school now, Simon Spotlight thought the time was right to bring them out. I hope you enjoy them!


Stay tuned for another Ready-to-Read to come soon about a certain enormous wooden horse!


Joan Holub