The real Friday, relaxing at home.

Dear Reader,

If you have a pet, then you know what a special part of your life they can occupy. After losing my beloved 16-year old cat in the beginning of 2010, I thought I’d never be able to feel the same way about another animal. But that didn’t stop me from adopting not only one, but two cats from local New York City shelters. One of those cats is Friday, the black cat who stars in the story FRIDAY THE SCAREDY CAT.


Friday really is all black and he really does have big, scary looking fangs that make him look like a vampire kitty. I’ve never met a cat like Friday before… he’s the sweetest, funniest cat I know, but he really is scared of everything. He hid under the bed for two weeks after we first got him. After a lot of coaxing, time, and attention (and some kitty treats!), Friday learned to trust his new family and he’s never looked back. But he really does jump, run, and hide whenever he hears or sees something unfamiliar. (And okay, sometimes he jumps runs and hides when he sees my husband. But we’re working on it!)


On the surface, Friday is big and strong and looks like he has nothing to be afraid of. But being a scaredy cat is just who he is. I know that kids can have fears too… being scared of the dark, or animals, or of going to the doctor…. I think every child probably feels a little bit afraid of something sometimes. I’m hoping Friday will make kids feel OK about being scared. And the next time they are feeling scared, maybe they will think of goofy Friday and his big fangs, and giggle a little.


I hope you enjoy reading about Friday!


Best wishes,


Kara McMahon


KARA McMAHON is the author of dozens of books for children. She lives in New York City with her husband Bryan, and their cats Angela and Friday, both of which were adopted from shelters. Supporting animal shelters is a cause she holds close to her heart, and she hopes that after reading about Friday, more people will make shelters their first stop when looking for a pet.