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When I was growing up in a small town in Ohio, my favorite place was the library. I loved books that could take me to other countries—places filled with tasty foods, colorful festivals, and beautiful cities. I was fascinated by Venice, Italy, where people drive boats instead of cars down canal streets. Or the Holi festival in India, in which people wander through their neighborhood with powdered paint and squirt guns, covering everyone—friend or stranger—in bright colors. I often wondered, What would my life be like growing up in Italy or India?


The Living In series is your passport to visit countries around the world! In each place, a kid just like you talks about what his or her life is like growing up there. You'll visit the Dragon Boat Festival in Hangzhou, China; hear all about what to wear in Pune, India; and even play some soccer in Recife, Brazil! You'll learn about Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo; follow the incredible lives of leaders like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi; and visit some of the most extraordinary landmarks on Earth, like the Forbidden City in China, the Lotus Temple in India, and the Coliseum in Italy.


Loaded with fun facts, vibrant illustrations from artist Tom Woolley, and globe-trotting adventures, I'm certain you'll want to visit all the destinations in this amazing series again and again! Plus you can tell your parents and teachers that the content in these books has been carefully vetted by Common Core experts. That stamp of approval, combined with the fact that the text has been crafted in adherence to reading guidelines, means you can have as many international adventures as you want—and you can fit them all into your backpack. Pretty neat, huh?


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Chloe Perkins, The author of the Living In series