Photo courtesy of Family First

Dear Friends,

When Simon & Schuster asked us to write a series of READY-TO-READ books we were really excited. We believe the best way to get children to read more is to make reading fun. But we also want them to learn while they're having fun. So our goal was to create books that would be enjoyable but would also have a good message. We centered our series on family life and how parents can help their children get through some of the problems they face in growing up. We have seven children of our own, so we felt we had plenty of material to draw from.


Ruby's New Home is about our kids getting a new dog and having to learn about sharing. Each one of our children want to take care of Ruby but they don't realize they are making Ruby's life miserable by fighting over her. In A Team Stays Together our son Jordan learns a valuable lesson about listening to parents. He doesn't heed their warnings and ends up getting lost at a football game. Future books in the series will deal with other issues facing children, such as bullying, peer pressure and responsibility.


One of the things we've really enjoyed in doing these books has been going to elementary schools and reading our books to the students. We are able to not only read with them, but we also talk about the writing process and encourage the kids to write about their own experiences.  Who knows, they may become authors one day! We hope you enjoy these two books and we hope you'll keep a eye out for other READY-TO-READ books from us in the future.


Tony and Lauren Dungy